The Thieving Heart


The time has come for Brain to declutter. Toss out some old information that isn’t very useful and make room for new.
The Heart hates this process and can’t help but attach sentiments to many things the brain hopes to get rid of. Sometimes, the two do manage to make compromises, but it is usually the heart that loses majority of the arguments.

Later, as the sun slowly submerges beneath the flamboyant horizon, brain begins to crumple away bits of memory to be thrown. Little does he know that the second he looks away, heart sneaks in and grabs some of the crumpled pieces and glues them all on its inside to keep them hidden.

Around this time,the human, home to these complex and indecisive organizers, has just sat down with a nice cup of tea to relax. Heart and brain are about to partially doze off, and that is when the magic happens. The rescued bits of memory, torn up and incomplete, begin to glow and come alive.
Since the heart and brain are part of the same system, the glow radiates into the mind. As this occurs, the human is hit with the lingering fragrance of memories from long ago… Nostalgia.

A smile appears on his face as he sips his tea while the clumsily put together home movie of scenes fade in and out of the forgetful crevices of the mind. A warm feeling floods the body that without a doubt emerge from the thieving heart.
He now puts his empty cup down and drifts off to dream in another world, constructed by the habitual snickering away of joyous bits of memory with which the heart could not bear to part.


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13 thoughts on “The Thieving Heart

  1. In your travels, perhaps you have visited MusΓ©e de Salvador DalΓ­? In the small town of Figureres, Spain where he was from there are two museums which are attached. The smaller one houses his jewellery which many are not aware of. One of the jewels is a small gold heart (shaped like an actual human heart and not a valentine) at the centre it is red. Inside there is an electronic movement and it appears that the heart is beating. The village itself is a delight and I often take visitors their for a day trip into Spain. Of course there is so much more there but you would have to see it for your self. LΓ©a

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      • Without a doubt. I loved the small settee he made for Mae West. It is a huge pair of red lips… Up here in France is the Henri Toulouse Lautrec Museum in Albi. Actually there is art everywhere one goes here. πŸ™‚

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      • That sounds wonderful πŸ™‚ I am actually quite sad today. My dad and I had planned to visit some cities in Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Italy for tourism promotion purposes this summer. All the papers for visa application were set…the visa application process is a complicated one in my country(Pakistan). My father got the visa, but I, unfortunately did not 😦 . So.. pretty bummed right now. Maybe i’ll get to go some other time I hope.

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      • That must be a terrible disappointment! I really can’t imagine. The two times I’ve needed a visa, they were granted. The first was for Vietnam and I was told was just to collect the fee. The second was to move here. It was a one year visa and I had to reapply every year until I was granted residency. I shall cross my fingers for you. πŸ™‚

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