Make-up Artistry


I have always admired the creative ability of make-up artists that can transform a person into something surreal and other worldly. I am the kind of person that is hesitant about doing the “regular” make-up because I get confused with all the rules that the beauty regime comes with. I do, however, enjoy doing whimsical make-up. If i had more supplies I’d do it more often, this was my first attempt at make-up artistry and I did the best I could with what I had, it was so much fun.The best part about this was that there were no rules! (well none that I know of at least) and I felt free to let my imagination run wild.

makeup artistry


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7 thoughts on “Make-up Artistry

    • I’m glad you think so 🙂 it took about an hour. I’m not much of a makeup junkie so i did this using a pencil liner, dark lipstick and talcum powder *_*
      Thanks for viewing my blog 🙂


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