The Devil’s Advocate

devil's advocate, hel, halloween, evil, inferno, dante's inferno, grim, death, dark, keanue, jack nicholson, constantine, redemption, heaven, god, angels, demons

Brother, why do you awake in terror and despair?

As I count my final moments, I overflow with desolation

I sense not a breeze from the Garden of Eden

For me the gates lead to a much darker destination

The path I chose offers no trial, no redemption.

You underestimate His mercy and love for mankind, brother.

Passage through purgatory wouldn’t rescue my soul

A glance at my own reflection, I can bear no more

Death’s cold breath creeps along the back of my neck

Hums a haunting intonation

Sent to collect a soul bound for eternal damnation

A fate befitting for a fool such as I

Who did the devil’s bidding on earth while alive.

Maria Saif – Daily Prompt


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