A Friend That Never Was


The start of a new bond, how great he thought it would be

A new gem to be placed in his treasury

With time he revealed a bit of himself to you

Back then you were a great friend compassionate and true

Soon you took a chance and mocked him of his weakness

He then regretted to have ever let you known

That grin on your face..you tried so hard to hide

It showed as you relished the times of his demise

And on the occasions when he was blessed and overjoyed

The look of envy seeped right through your eyes

He spoke passionately of his dreams to you

You shot him down and told him they would never come true

All those times he did favors unto you

You thought he was a gullible fool not knowing you’re a real tool

Truth is..he was more aware than you could have ever known

He saw right through the blatant façade you thought you put up with gusto

He continued to play along, in hopes that one day you would realize

That people like him aren’t so easy to come by

But more often than not, you refused to change

In the end it’s a surprise as to why folks like you appear so amazed

When he finally turned his back and left without a trace




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