Movie Magic


In my lifetime I have seen many movies and the really good ones always move me in one way or the other. From experiences such as sheer bewilderment and awe to tummy churning hysterical laughter along with moments of heart wrenching sadness and tears of joy or becoming deeply immersed in a thrilling plot, yelling at the hero to not trust the shady looking character because you just know he’s trouble, all the while sitting close to the edge of the seat, jaw gravitating downwards, popcorn rolling out of the mouth, heart pounding, suspense rising…annnd then there are the horror movies, my least favorite of all genres, they make me dread going to the bathroom or sleeping without the covers, fearing something lurking in the dark will grab my feet and yank me into a twisted dimension if I am not properly tucked in. yes, all these sensations, It’s amazing to think a movie can take you on such an exhilarating ride. There have been many great movies, some I have yet to discover, but we all have those few, you know, the ones that have touched you so deeply that they are hard to forget. Even though I am one of those people that cries while watching almost any movie, there are still some that no matter how hard I try to keep my emotion bottled up, I end up failing….MISERABLY.

Here are a few of my favorites, there are many, MANY more that I love, but these are somewhat iconic and i am sure they will resonate similarly with many people.. plus they made me cry a whole lot more than i’d like to admit.

Hachiko, green mile, wrath of khan, e.t, gere, true story, alien, convict, tom hanks, spock, jim, kirk, captain, william, sad, touching, movie, love, friendship, magic, belief, struggle, emotion

  • (left) Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
  • (top) The Green Mile
  • – Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
  • – E.T

I think Story tellers are a gift to the world and truly inspiring ones are a treasure. With all that is happening on our planet today, it offers reassurance that we still have a bit of magic left. I guess that’s why we all get so pulled into it. They aren’t just a source of entertainment, but also hope.

“I have a theory that movies operate on the level of dreams, where you dream yourself.” – Meryl Streep

headersome more of my faves :3

Comment and let me know what some of your faves are.

Thanks for reading everyone 🙂

Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?

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