Introverts – Here We Are, This Is Us


A few days ago in class, the teacher tossed our way an odd piece of advice. She told us that when we go off to work in an organization, the introverts among us must try their best NOT to come off as one and go as far as to pretend to show the characteristics of an extrovert. As a solitaire, I felt as though my fellow recluses and I could have left the classroom happily without having this particular opinion hurled at us.

I think that the “quiet ones” are tragically misunderstood by the masses. It’s almost as if when people think of us, they picture an anti-social armored armadillo. It’s unfair that there is an air of negative connotations attached to this personality trait. I mean, so we have a shell that we carry around, that’s no big deal.

Everybody loves the outgoing extrovert, but why undermine those that weren’t born that way? Most of us are wrongly thought of as the painfully shy sort. That’s not really the case. We may not speak often, but we aren’t afraid to communicate and express ourselves, though we may need a push at times to really blossom.

A common misunderstanding links introversion to being anti-social, which is a negative behavior where one disregards consideration towards other people, whereas introverts merely enjoy some time alone, that’s all.

We also yearn for belongingness and meaningful human connection just like our extroverted counterparts, but of course, not to the same elevated degree. The intrinsic desire to bond is there nevertheless.

The major difference that sets us hermits apart from the gregarious ones is simple, we NEED time to recharge, we feel re-energized when in solitude. Making our way through a large crowd, spending time at a party, mingling with colleagues or classmates can leave us completely drained. We talk deeply, listen carefully, walk alone and when the occasion calls for it, we can even get our extrovert on, for short periods of time only though, because It’s exhausting.

We are most productive when unaccompanied and feel stressed when there is a swarm of people hovering over us at all times. That’s why calling it in for the weekend puts a smile on our faces. We’re immersed in a world of our creation, our mind wanders, explores, unwinds and that is when our performance and productivity climax. Have you ever wondered why most people claim that they get their best ideas while taking a shower? yep, seclusion from time to time can do wonders.

Thanks to research, people are starting to realize that streaks of introversion can be pretty great . Isaac Newton, Abraham Lincoln, Audrey Hepburn, and Apple’s co-founder, Steve Wozniak are some famous introverts that took the world by storm.


Pencil sketch of Audrey Hepburn by me

I believe that being soft-spoken and preferring to turn inwards at times isn’t a bad thing; after all, solitude has long been associated with creativity and sublimity. Rejecting the idea of who we really are may result in thwarting our own process of self discovery.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” Aristotle

Thanks for reading everyone 🙂

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41 thoughts on “Introverts – Here We Are, This Is Us

    • Thanks for reading 🙂
      by feedback i mean opinion about the overall post. The length, content and if grammatical errors are there it would be great if someone could point em out. just stuff like that.


  1. Aul

    You’re welcome!
    As to feedback, “A few days ago in class, the teacher tossed our way an odd piece of advice, she told us that when we go off to work in an organization…” I think you should put a period after “advice” and begin a new sentence, because I think it would flow better. And here: “We aren’t Anti-social, anti-social behavior is one that disregards consideration towards people, we simply enjoy our time alone, that’s all.” I don’t think you should capitalize “anti social”. Also, there should either be a period or a semi colon between “Anti-social” and then “anti-social”. Then, there should be some sort of conjunction (like ‘because’), or at least different punctuation between “people” and “we simply…”
    I guess I took it to ya 🙂

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  2. Aul

    Wow! Thanks for taking my word. Just another thing I noticed (and this is kind of my fault) i think there should be a period between “towards people” and “on the other hand”. Sorry! I’m kind of specific about this stuff…

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  3. Hi,
    You write well, not to mention the great point you brought up.
    “We are most productive when unaccompanied and feel stressed when there is a swarm of people hovering over us at all times.” – Sadly, not many people understand this.
    Anyway, thanks for this post. Totally relatable.

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  4. Great post! My boyfriend is an introvert, I’m extrovert. It took me a long time to find out how to deal with that properly. I thought for a long time he was anti social because he didn’t want to meet new people. But now I know he is just looking for a few select meaningful connections whereas I’m happy mingling with lots of people. It’s difficult sometimes but also very rewarding because he’s super intelligent and creative, he surprises me every day. So, introverts rock! 🙂

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  5. OOHH, i could very much relate to this. though introvert to the core, no one believes me if i ever tell. Most people would describe me as confident, life of the party and outgoing. I enjoy being with people because they interest me greatly and l learned so much from listening to them, but not for long and only occasionally. I need at least 3 days if not weeks to recuperate after I’ve been with people.


  6. I am a quintessential introvert and I am not antisocial when I’m in a group. In fact, no one would recognize me as an introvert. But my private time is my sustenance and therefore I cannot live without most of my free time being alone. Introverts are better listeners than extroverts and tend to be better at bringing people out. Introverts are thoughtful about how they live their lives and tend to have a much better intuitive sense of compromises that need to be made to make a successful team. Extroverts are all about themselves, introverts are all about paying attention to the world. Thank you for a thoughtful and articulate post!


  7. I think many introverts are hard to spot. Sometimes they may come off as snobbish, when in fact they are just shy or caught up in their own thoughts. Others who seem very social actually need a lot of time to recharge. This can be a difficult balance to maintain. I’ve always solved this problem by moving away when it got too hard to find time for myself. Then, I fill my life too full again. Time to move? judy

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  8. Great post! You might enjoy reading this book, which I myself have just picked up, but haven’t yet begun, called “Quiet – The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking” by Susan Cain. It looks like a really, really good book.
    I think I am introvert as well – my husband says I am, and I guess he knows me best 🙂 I have to say that most of my deep and meaningful relationships are with people who are introverts.
    And thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

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    • Very happy you stopped by my blog 🙂 And I’ve been meaning to read this book. I have watched Susan Cains’s TED talks and she is pretty awesome. All the best with your self-discovery too 🙂


  9. Thanks for posting this! Nicely put together, I like your detailed explanation and the part where you’re saying that we need time to recharge. Awesome, and one of a kind. And I thought I was the only one like this.

    Liked your FB page, and am following you on Tweeter.

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    • I’m so happy you liked my post. i did some soul searching and research before writing this. And thank you so much for following my blog and page 🙂 you made my day!
      Stay blessed!


  10. I enjoyed your post. Alas, I am disappointed in some of these WordPress changes. I had wanted to reblog but it says it must be on my primary blog. That blog is reserved for France. As an introvert myself, I know the value of educating others and I don’t mean just the extroverts but also introverts that do not really understand and suffer in silence.
    Thank you and I am sorry I was unable to reblog. Léa

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