A Man or A Rat

purple sky, art, alone, man, top, success, business, youth

An aspiring, talented man, set out to make his dreams come true.

Ambitious as can be, and loyal to his pursuits,

An empire which he cultivated, infront of his eyes it grew.

His dreams of reaching the top would inevitably come true.

Caught up in winning the race, his vision tunneled tight.

Left behind his friends and family, with them he had nothing to do.

He came across a grouchy old man; rich but lonely was he.

Not a friend by his side, a burden to walk alone, how miserable he must be.

He caught a glimpse of his future, wondered how sad it would be.

The thought of living such a life, that of a fool he pondered it to be.

Blindly en route an empty path, a vague and futile journey.

Caught up in a rat race, whose victor hath no glory.

Awakened as if by a friendly ghost, just before his demise

Fortunate was he to have deterred off the wretched path just in time.

Baffled by the time he had wasted; thankful for all that still remained

If it had been too late it would only be ruins left along his trail

How great would the world be if everyone would realize

The winner of a rat race leaves his dignity behind.


The story behind this blog post is that I actually wrote a play for an event the kids in my class are organizing. But, unfortunately, nobody was willing to take on the main role due to which it got cancelled altogether. I decided to try and make a poem out of the main idea of my story and viola! new blog post. I have never written a poem before, so you guys are welcome to point out mistakes and such. Grammar Nazis, That’s right, I am talking to you.

Thanks for reading everyone πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “A Man or A Rat

  1. Aul

    Great poem! Maybe “how miserable he must be.” could end with an exclamation point, but it doesn’t have to. I thought it was fantastic all the way through!


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