A Foodie’s Guide to Bangkok – Sunrise Tacos


Care to excite your palate with delicious Mexican flavours while you’re in Bangkok?



Head to Sunrise Tacos, one of the most popular Mexican eateries in Bangkok, on the 4th floor of Terminal 21. The restaurant overlooks a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge and has a funky, vibrant atmosphere. Terminal 21 is an impressive themed mall, located close to Asoke BTS (sky train station) and, therefore, is easily accessible.

The chef recommended that we try the Santa Fe Salad with margarita storm; American Cowboy Tacos with hot sauce; classic chicken quesadilla and of-course, the delicious carrot cake, which we enjoyed with a cool glass of vanilla milk with cinnamon.

This incredibly photogenic carrot cake tasted even better than how it looked!


Chef Luis came up to us and described the  philosophy at Sunrise Tacos. Produce is selected carefully and GMOs are avoided. Selecting sustainable suppliers is also a priority for the restaurant.


Credit: etravelersclub.wordpress.com

Location: Terminal 21 shopping center 4 th floor Klongtoey Nua, 88 Soi Sukhumvit 19, Khlong Toei Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Website: www.sunrisetacos.com


A Foodie’s Guide to Bangkok – The Manhattan Fish Market


Looking for hearty seafood in bustling Bangkok? Look no further, The Manhattan Fish Market has got you covered. Their appetizing menu consists of soups and chowders, pasta; fried, grilled, poached, flamed and baked goodies; salads and sides, sharing platters, desserts and refreshing beverages.

From their menu, I tried ‘Spaghetti in the Sea’ and I loved it. I also tried ‘Passionate Peach’, a delicious chamomile tea with lemongrass infusion. The ‘Lemongrass Cooler’ was equally delightful.


Location: Central World, 999/9 Rama I Rd, Khwaeng Pathum Wan, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330

Website: www.manhattanfishmarket.com

Bangkok Beauty Show 2018


This July, I attended the Bangkok Beauty Show at BiTEC, Thailand. This year, the Korean beauty scene swept the stage with companies exhibiting innovative and unique products. Brands from other Asian countries also showcased their impressive range of cosmetics etc., and expressed ambition in introducing their unique brands to Thailand and beyond.


First up, I recommend this really cool lipstick by Beauty Lab Korea. The name of the brand is Rejuvera. The bottle itself is pretty innovative, with a little pop-up mirror to help with application.

The matte lipstick collection consists of a variety of  warm and bright tones. I picked a warm neutral color, it had a mild aroma that reminded me of … chocolate! It’s great value for money (under 7 USD!) and is very pigmented. It does, however, require re-application if worn throughout the day.


They have a range of other beauty products as well. Be sure to check out their website linked here to browse what they have to offer.


The friendly folks at Beauty Lab recommended another cool product, this plastic Pony Tail that doubles as a bracelet! It looks great and apparently won’t stretch out over time either because you can bring it back down to size by dipping it in cold water!


Another great product I’d recommend is this skin and environmentally friendly deodorant powder. Taoyeablock is quite popular in Thailand, and it is available at the many 7-Eleven stores around Bangkok. So, do yourself and the environment a favor; ditch that toxic aluminum laced deo for a much better option. If you can’t find an environmentally friendly deo near you, perhaps try DIY!

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A Taste of India in Bangkok


If you’re in Bangkok, somewhere near the Sathorn District, and want to treat your palate to South Asian flavours, then the Indian Food 17 Restaurant may be the right option for you.
I tried this delicious cheesy curry with saffron infused rice, the dish had just the right balance of spices and herbs. Loved it!

The restaurant, as seen above, is cozy and vibrant. There are four tables inside; each can seat about four people.
Location: 562/17 Suan Phlu Rd. | Sathorn TaiBangkok 10120, Thailand

Happy travels 🙂



Throwback to when I was about 3 or 4 years old 😀
Here’s to the good old days and anticipation of many more to come.


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Weekly Photo Challenge:
Don’t I fit the bill?

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The Furry Avengers


A ray of light, a spark of hope amidst an abysmal veil of darkness, that’s what superheroes are to me. Knowing that no matter how hopeless things may seem, never backing down and hanging on to the slimmest chance of overcoming the odds.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done an exceptional job of creating an immersive, intertwined tale with extraordinary, lovable characters that somehow seem very relatable.

I know I’m not the only one who sat wide eyed in front the computer screen while watching the Avengers: Infinity War trailer and geeking the heck out. Honestly, it was beyond epic. I got goosebumps!
I can’t wait for the movie to come out and see what happens next.

I drew some of my favorite Avengers as cats.
I used color pencils and markers to make this drawing. It was so much fun!

for internet
Do you have any favourites? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Journey to the Heart of Sri Lanka


A tear drop in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a true treasure for the world to discover. As the years passed it became known by many names throughout its fascinating history. Rulers, conquerors and invaders through the ages left their mark on this land which resulted in a unique cultural, social and political blend. Braving the turbulent challenges of a more recent past, the tropical paradise moved swiftly in healing its wounds and became a sought after destination for leisure, spiritual and adventure travelers alike.

My journey into this Wonder of Asia began in Negombo. I had a comfortable flight with Srilankan Airlines and reached my hotel at the crack of dawn. The sun drenched the quaint west coast city and enhanced the splendor of the beautiful golden sandy beaches. My abode was at the Beacon Beach hotel, located in a major tourist beach resort area.
Fishing is a major industry in Sri Lanka and the town is largely inhabited by fisher-folk. Several buildings and churches from the colonial area can be spotted in this city.

After attending the PATA Annual Summit, the much anticipated tour of the country began. It was organized by Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.
Our lovely hostess and guide made the journey exponentially more enjoyable.

Early morning after a hearty breakfast we were on our way to visit the Dambulla cave temple, a World Heritage Site (1991). Dambulla is known to be one of the best preserved cave temples in the country. This site is situated 148 kilometes east of Colombo.


We visited the 5 major cave temples; each consisted of beautiful paintings that cover more than a surface area of 22,000 sq ft along with statues related to Gautama Buddha and his life. There are a total of ~153 Buddha statues, three statues of Sri Lankan kings and four statues of gods and goddesses. This temple complex dates back to the first century BCE. While walking towards the temple ground, numerous monkeys could be seen.

We came downhill the cave temple and a short distance away along the asphalt road, the more recently built monumental Golden Buddha Statue and The Golden temple came into sight.

Our next adventure for the afternoon the Safari at Minneriya National Park. For wildlife sustainability, the park is a protected area. Large herds of elephants are the major attraction here, but the Minneriya reservoir is home to various large water birds such as Lesser adjutant, Painted stork, and Spot-billed pelican.
The Purple-faced langur, Toque macaque, Sri Lankan Sambar deer and Sri Lankan Axis deer along with the endangered Sri Lankan leopard and Sri Lankan sloth bear also inhabit Minneriya.

PAS Tour Kandalama c)Saif Ismailji

Breakfast at the Heritance Kandalama Hotel

We settled in for the night at the luxurious Heritance Kandalama Hotel, its recluse location and harmony with the surrounding environment made it one of the best hotels I have stayed at while touring Sri Lanka.



Early morning we were cruising down the road once again, on our way to another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sigiriya. This is an ancient city and a fascinating place to explore. We arrived at the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and learned about its dramatic and epic history, one laced with betrayal and murder.

DSC_3580The leviathan Column-like rock stands at 200 meters.  It has been chronicled that this site was chosen by King Kasyapa (477 – 495 CE) for his new capital.
The palace was built on top of this rock and decorated with colorful frescoes. We passed through the beautiful gardens at this site, namely the Water Gardens, Boulder Gardens and Terraced Gardens. We began to calmly ascend the massive rock, counting down the 1200 steps to the top. We were met with adorable yet mischievous monkeys along the way. After climbing about halfway up, we approached the gateway between two enormous lion paws.

The name Sīhāgiri has been derived from this very gateway, which translates to “Lion Rock”. Getting to the top is an exhausting endeavor, but undoubtedly worth the effort. The beautiful bird’s eye view of the surroundings and the gardens below had all the visitors in awe.

We left Sigiriya and continued on our journey. En route Kandy we visited the Ranweli Spice Garden in Matale. Our guide informed us about the importance of the various spices and herbs in  Sri Lankan cuisine and Ayurveda.


After the relaxing and educational tour of the well-kept spice garden and a freshly brewed cup of herbal tea offered to us by our kind host, we once again hit the road passing the Mahaweli ganga (river) and arrived in the lush and beautiful hill city; Kandy.

Here we witnessed various traditional Sri Lankan dances and later a captivating fire-dance known as Gini Sisila took place outdoors. The talented performers manipulated the element of fire as though it were a natural extension of their being. They calmly guided the audience to where they should stand and began their daring four minute act. They walked briskly over a patch of hot coal and with that, the performance came to an end.

DSC_3756Later that evening, we bedded down at the beautiful Mahaweli Reach Hotel.
Next morning we went to explore the renowned Sri Dalada Maligawa or the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. It is located in the royal palace complex of the former Kingdom of Kandy, which houses the relic of the tooth of Buddha. This is one of the most important places of worship for Buddhist all around the world. The temple has numerous statues and paintings depicting Buddha’s life story. One of the more notable architectural features of the temple is the golden canopy, built in 1987 over the main shrine.

Within the massive temple complex we visited the Sri Dalada Museum and the Raja Museum, the latter is the resting place for the renowned elephant, Raja Atha (also known as Maligawa Raja). He was a Sri Lankan tusker elephant that passed away in 1988 at the age of 75. Raja participated at the annual Esala procession in Kandy for around 50 years and was the sacred casket bearer of the final Randoli perehera for 37 years. He was known for his noble behavior and became one of the most celebrated elephants in Asia during his lifetime. He was declared a national treasure due to his valued services.


We were on the road again and on our way to escape the tropical climate, heading for the refreshingly green, temperate hills of Nuwara Eliya. The view from our vehicle window was mesmerizing. The lush tea gardens rolled past and enlivened our spirits. We stopped at the Glenloch Tea Factory where we were given an informative tour with explanations regarding the cultivation, drying and packing process of the world famous “Ceylon Tea”. We were told about the different kinds of tea made and how they differ from one another. Our hostess at the factory told us the main process difference for black tea as compared to green and white tea is that black tea gets fermented and the oxidation gives it the signature dark brown color, whereas green tea and white tea are not fermented. The factory also has its own secret tea blend; the Golden Flush, the preparation process for this is kept hidden. After the tour we were offered various freshly brewed tea samples.

We retreated later that evening at the charming Jetwing Saint Andrew’s Hotel, the beautiful mansion lends a glance into the British colonial era.

DSC_3988Sun-up we were all packed and ready for a 5 hour long road trip to Mount Lavinia (colombo). We arrived just before sunset at the historic Mount Lavinia Hotel and made it in time for a demonstration held by Sri Lanka’s most renowned chef, Dr. Pubilis Silva. He showed us that Sri Lankan cuisine is not only healthy and delicious due to the herbs and spices used, but is also surprisingly easy to make.

With that our tour came to an end. We said goodbye to our lovely hostess and guide who showed us what Sri Lankan hospitality is all about.

The day before our flight back home, we stayed at a cozy service apartment overlooking the beach at the Marine City Complex, courtesy of Serene Vacations, Dehiwala.

The journey was an unforgettable one. The contours of the beautiful island nation have a poetic allure. The warmth of the people and their optimism is contagious.


Mt.Lavinia Pool c)e-Travelers Club DSC_3991

Mount Lavinia Hotel

Thank you for reading and do check out my previous posts about Sri Lanka as well!